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Areas of Expertise

Personal Growth

Together we will identify and achieve what it is you want or desire in any area of your life. From there we will define what that roadmap looks like. You and I will become a team, working together to find what holds you back and how to over come those obstacles. This is your journey designed by you, for you, to reach your highest potential.


In life we are constantly challenged by relationships. They could be with a spouse/partner, children, parents, co workers, friendships, boss, neighbors or anyone we deal with. You will learn the skills of choosing your thoughts and how to transform them into the emotions you want to feel. Together we will identify the problem, find a solution to success that will work best for you. I will help you learn how to take action in your relationships so that you are happy, secure and fulfilled.


Grief is always sad, we can’t change that, but we can turn it into love. We will work on your loss and your life, together, as they can’t be separated. With my experience, love, understanding and support, I can show you how to turn the most painful grief into the most rewarding love. In honor of our lost loved ones, I can help you through the transition of grief with peace, gratitude and love. This can be done one on one or in a family setting.


When you are in trouble, it can make you feel really stuck! I’m an expert at finding the way out of stuck places! Working together at identifying the problem and finding the best solution. I will help you find your empowerment to get through and to increase your awareness and avoid being stuck in your future. 

Time Management

Design your perfect, efficient life! With my guidance I can help you find the time you're looking for to manage your life and to reach goals you once thought were unattainable! With creativity you will increase your awareness on how much more you can accomplish so easily with skilled time management.

Health and Wellness

I have a life history of health and wellness. Overcoming many of my own issues and helping to guide my family and my friends through their own health struggles. There are endless possibilities and choices. Together we will find the right options for you, so you can be your best and feel great!


One step at a time is how this works. Whatever it is that needs organizing, I will help you to remove the clutter from your life. Piece by piece, we will work on what needs to be organized and in what priority. It’s easy and natural for me. I will walk you through it one step at a time.

Life Planning

There are so many options, opportunities and stages in life today. We will figure out where you are today and where you want to be in the future; identifying all the steps in between. Your life can flow seamlessly from one stage to another with joy and love. Life is a journey to educate, to learn, to enjoy and to love. Let me guide you through the journey of your life, and show you how it can be the most exciting and rewarding life for you.

My Approach

What sets me apart from others is my ability to get to, and address, the cause of every issue you bring to me. I will help you write your own story. Once you begin to understand the power of your mind, you will want help putting it to work to create an awesome life! This work is beyond fun! You will learn tools during your coaching to help you in ways you have never been taught before. First, you will create a goal, then align your thinking and then take massive action to create evidence to prove it. You will use this empowerment to reach your big goals and to help yourself. 


With coaching, unlike therapy, you will learn choices. Instead of carrying out the program from your past, we create a new program for your better future. This method increases awareness! You’ll learn how to help yourself, shifting your focus to a healthy place where you can learn to love yourself, your situation and create your future from a fresh place.


Of all the emotions in the world, love is our favorite one. You may not realize this, but you can choose to feel love at any time and towards any person you want. I will outline what I mean and how to feel more love starting right now. I am confident that you are going to be inspired by what you learn about love.


You will learn the skill of choosing your thoughts. Managing your mind, one thought at a time. Together we will find out how you want to feel and then how to create that emotion, with easy, simple and direct clarity. Wherever you are right now and wherever you want to go, to be, accomplish, feel or become, we will discover the perfect direction for you to reach your goal as simply and quickly as you like.

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My Approach
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