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I’m devoted to helping others come out from under their own dark cloud and helping them get unstuck. The one thing I know for sure is we are not completely in charge of what life brings us. We are however in charge of how we handle it. I am inspired by my own unexpected challenges and experiences. The more challenges which I came face-to-face with (family, raising teenagers, love, abuse, divorce, marriage, illness, loss of a child to suicide, health, wellness, financial and overall disappointment) the greater my ability and perspective grew. Through my life‘s journey, I’ve had great pleasure having met so many diverse people; some with both similar and/or different challenges of their own. Through my interactions with these people, I found I had a natural ability to guide others to find their solutions.


When I began overcoming my challenges, I thought it was pure luck! Then, as years went by, I found myself helping so many others to overcome their own challenges and desire to help so many more. I realized this was a calling I could no longer ignore.


With honesty, integrity and loving guidance, I excel at identifying hurdles and helping others see the larger picture; ultimately defining and owning their solutions. Together we will get to the heart of matters and with compassionate direction, you will learn how to find your happiness. Thanks to my commitment to growth, education, practicality, intuitive ability and wisdom, and with the help of incredible experiences and teachers, I am who I always wanted to be and look forward to who I will become. Everyone deserves this! I look forward to guiding you through your journey.


Your coach,


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Camille Ellis

Success Coach

Are you finding yourself back at that same familiar spot in life?
Are you feeling that life is two steps forward and one step backward?

I can help you find your way out. Life places hurdles in our path to conquer. These hurdles are intended to offer a lesson. Together we will work to identify your hurdles, interpret the lesson and find your solution. I can help you acquire the tools to successfully conquer your hurdles and achieve happiness and fulfillment in life. 

Anyone who wants results needs a great coach. Perspective is the life's interpreter! With your challenges and my caring perspective, we can unlock the secrets to defining your most gratifying life!


Camille Ellis

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Shift your perspective and love your life!

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Tel: 831.246.1038 


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