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I was 30 years old with two young boys and filing for divorce from an abusive husband.

I had very little support and felt the weight of my responsibilities, I had to be strong enough to raise my children on my own.


Subconsciously, I started what’s called “self coaching”. I had, at that time, never heard of life coaching. These were hard days. I worked two or three jobs to provide the basics to my kids. Everything was on me. I became aware of my inner power. I had allowed it to be stripped away from me for so many years. 


I manifested the strength to overcome my hardest days and discovered my inner warrior. I started helping others in similar situations and showed them how they, too, are warriors. It soon became a purpose of mine….


And that’s when I found life coaching. 


Earning Life Coach Certification allowed me to broaden my skill set for coaching others. In my coaching practice, my focus is on helping others after trauma. I offer a safe haven where my clients thrive and find clarity and confidence! I coach my clients on implementing new tools, new perspectives and new thoughts to create desired results. 


Join me for the next step in your life

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