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Grief; what it’s like to loose someone you love and the grief you may face.

Grief is an emotion everyone will feel in life. It may be because of a loss of a loved one, the idea of loosing someone or thing that you love or even from a health diagnosis like cancer. It’s part of our human experience we can grow and evolve through.

The emotion of grief is like the ocean waves, it comes in strong and can throw you around, consuming you. The pressure is powerful against you. You may think you can’t breath, but you do. Your life seems frozen in time as life around you moves on. Other times, grief can come in as a gentle tide, flowing around your ankles. It’s not threatening, but you’re aware of it.

When grief shows up; you may embrace it, let it consume you and/or surrender to it. Surrendering is a powerful thing, you have to give up completely and allow, like flowing with the tide. It can be very peaceful, beautiful and powerfully loving. With surrender, grief can become part of the greatest love and beauty in your life.

As a Coach, I practice and teach my clients how to work with the circumstances that is bringing up grief and holding them down. What the client is making it mean that’s keeping them stuck. I can offer other perspectives that the client might not see in their misery. I won’t take grief away, I’ll show you how to embrace it with love, making peace with it.

With my experience and education, I can help you with your grief. I will give you space and offer a safe place for you to allow all your emotions out without any judgment. If you’re ready to grow from everything you know today and become the version of yourself you hope for, work with me.

Contact me and make peace with grief. Call me for your free 30 minute consultation.



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